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Rug cleaning East Molesey

If you want to enjoy your rugs for as long as possible, getting them cleaned regularly is essential. But, don’t just let anyone take charge of cleaning your treasured rugs, choose the caring, attentive professionals at our rug cleaning East Molesey business.

Rug owners prefer to use our rug cleaners in East Molesey over others because they know they can expect exceptional results from our impeccable cleaning services. No matter how stained a rug is, or however dull or lifeless it looks, we do our bit to breathe new life into rugs, so they look brighter, fresher and more appealing on the eye.

What’s more, at Carpet Bright UK, we also give rugs a fresher fragrance, through our highly effective deodorising services, so you can kiss goodbye to any stale or musty lingering odours that have been causing your rugs to be a source of embarrassment.

Our rug cleaning East Molesey technicians not only work hard to vastly improve the aesthetic of all rugs, but it’s our job to restore their hygienic condition. Without you necessarily being aware, rugs can become a playground for health-harming substances such as dust mites, germs and bacteria, which can all multiply in a rug, triggering allergy-type symptoms.

Worse still, as these microscopic particles are released into the atmosphere as rugs get walked on, they can downgrade the air quality of your space. Bearing this in mind, don’t risk harming the health of your family or those who use your space - make sure to contact our rug cleaners in East Molesey and we’ll banish pesky bugs and other invisible nasties lurking in rug piles.

Our rug cleaning services.

You can count on us to rejuvenate any type of rug to a beautifully clean and hygienic condition, whether it’s a modern or traditional style, one with bright, colourful patterns and fringing or a specific design such as a Persian rug. All of our hard working team members have obtained industry training and certification, and are fully insured to clean all rugs at your premises or at our site.

Whether you have one or several rugs that need our professional assistance, we are always happy to help. Taking each rug into consideration, we always provide a pre-cleaning rug inspection, so we can familiarise ourselves with a rug’s features and current condition, tailoring our cleaning by taking these aspects into account.

Our rug cleaning East Molesey business is all about working to the highest of quality standards, but equally important to us is the safety and care of rugs. That’s why we also test a rug’s dyes and pH levels before cleaning starts, so we can make sure its colours won’t run at any stage when cleaning gets underway.

Another way we demonstrate safe rug cleaning East Molesey services is by shunning toxic chemicals and only using cleaning solutions that are safe for rugs and those exposed to them. So, if you have rugs that need cleaning that are made from vulnerable or sensitive fabrics, rest assured they’ll be in very safe and caring hands with us.

Our 10-step cleaning plan.

Combining our wealth of industry knowledge, skills and experience, we’ve put together a truly effective cleaning programme that detoxes rugs in 10 stages. So effective and thorough is our cleaning regime that even very soiled rugs are given a new lease of life, much to the amazement of their owners.

The star attraction of our cleaning programme is our cutting-edge steam cleaning machines, which boast a high-tech dual pressure and heat system that eliminates dirt from rug fibres, from the surface to the core.

You’ll be delighted with our rug cleaning results, and with our choice of on-site or off-site cleaning, including free rug collection and delivery, we’re also convenient and affordable. Call today for a free quote.

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