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Rug cleaning Long Ditton

Rugs are designed to be used and walked on, but that doesn’t mean to say you should have to put up with a rug that has dirty footmarks, stains, a dull appearance or a flattened pile. With help from our rug cleaning Long Ditton experts at Carpet Bright UK, we keep dirt and debris at bay from your rugs, so they stay clean and fresh for as long as possible.

How we clean rugs.

At our rug cleaners in Long Ditton, we have created a tried-and-trusted cleaning programme involving 10 stages that works time and again for all rugs. However soiled a rug has become, because our cleaning processes are so meticulous, we can achieve exceptional results.

What’s more, we always clean each rug based on the kind of treatments it needs, and less of what it doesn’t require. This means our cleaning is targeted and accurate, while our services are honest, transparent and represent good value for money. To understand exactly what each individual rug needs to be restored to its former glory, we inspect it before we clean it, taking a good look at its fabric type and other features, as well as noting any areas that may need extra cleaning attention such as a stain, or specialist care, like a fringe lining.

During our inspection phase, our diligent rug cleaning Long Ditton technicians will also conduct dye and pH testing of a rug. This gives us important information about how a rug should be cleaned, so that its colours don’t run.

Returning rugs to their owners looking spick and span and squeaky clean is our goal, so to enable this to happen, we have invested in the most reliable and effective steam cleaning machines that are also industry-approved. Our machines come with a raft of impressive features, which enables us to deep clean rugs from top to bottom, using natural hot water extraction methods.

Because our equipment meets our high standards of quality when cleaning rugs, achieving this outcome in just a short period of time, we are in the fortunate position of being able to get your rugs cleaned and dried all in the same day.

What kind of rugs do we clean?.

At our rug cleaning Long Ditton company, we are proud of our professional status, so you won’t find any amateurs under our roof. Indeed, technicians working for us are fully trained and certified, understanding how to clean all different rug styles, colours, fabrics and pile lengths.

We also have in-depth understanding of specialised types of rugs such as Persian, Indian, oriental, Chinese or Native American designs, so if you’re lucky enough to own one of these rugs, rest assured it will be cleaned by very experienced hands at our rug cleaners in Long Ditton.

As well as cleaning all rugs, we are able to tackle all the many issues that may have downgraded your rugs, from stale odours to unsightly stains, as well as allergy-triggering dust mites, germs, bacteria and pet accidents.

What our customers say.

Homes and businesses are delighted with our rug cleaning Long Ditton services, as can be seen by the hundreds of positive reviews we receive. In fact, customers have even crowned us as the region’s best rug cleaners, so you can relax knowing you’re making a very popular choice choosing Carpet Bright UK.

How to organise an appointment.

We clean rugs in homes and businesses as well as off-site at our premises, with free rug collection and delivery included. Booking an appointment is easy – simply call us, from early until late, six days per week, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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