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Rug cleaning Queens Park

A rug sitting by the fireplace or adorning a hallway entrance might seem like an asset to your space, but you might think differently if you found out it was home to dust mites, germs, and viruses, which can all wreak havoc on your health. That’s what can happen to a rug if it goes a long time without being cleaned, as particles in the air and micro-organisms walked in on footwear can all descend onto a rug, multiplying in the process. As well as impacting on your health, an unclean rug can hasten its demise, with fabrics and the rug backing suffering damage. Not the kind of outcome you might be hoping for, especially if a rug cost a lot of money to buy. The good news is that our rug cleaning Queen's Park experts are here to save the day, cleaning rugs six days per week.

Thanks to our expertise in cleaning rugs, Carpet Bright UK is in business to restore rugs, so there are no visible or invisible substances festering away in fabrics that could affect your health or the health of your rugs.

We are happy to help, no matter what kind of rug you own, whether you have a large or a small rug, one with a short pile or a long pile, and however long it has gone without being cleaned.

Qualified and experienced.

What makes our rug cleaners in Queen's Park such a popular choice with homes and businesses in the area is the fact that we possess a wealth of experience cleaning rugs. Our technicians are also fully trained and certified, and always keep updated on the latest industry trends.

We understand that choosing a rug cleaning Queen's Park company that knows its stuff is especially important to those rug owners that might have an expensive or valued rug, or one that is a specialist type that may demand a certain way of cleaning. That’s why more and more rug owners choose us whenever they need their rugs smartening up, as we possess the skills and experience to clean all rugs, always taking care of them and providing them with the dedicated cleaning each rug demands.

Having cleaned in excess of 9,000 rugs since our family-owned company was set up, it’s fair to say we’ve cleaned many different rugs over the years, delighting customers with our exceptional outcomes.

Clean in 10 steps.

All rugs undergo our rigorous cleaning program that consists of 10 distinct stages. To start off with, a rug is inspected and dye and pH level tested. This is a very important part of our cleaning process, as it gives us more information about a particular rug, so we can adapt cleaning to better suit its needs.

Our rug cleaning Queen's Park experts use tried-and-trusted steam cleaning machines to remove dirt from a rug, where only the most up-to-date, respected equipment makes it into our cleaning repertoire.

Using hot water extraction, cleaning is carried out in a natural, caring way that is effective for all rugs, whether they need visible stains, odors, dust mites, or anything else removed.

All of our cleaning solutions are safe, non-toxic, and won’t leave any residues behind, so all the family can be exposed to your rugs after we’ve cleaned them.

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Our cleaning services are fast, effective, and affordable. With the option of choosing same-day services, on-site or off-site cleaning as well as free rug pick-up and drop-off, it’s no wonder that customers think we’re the complete package. In fact, we’re more than this – we’ve been voted as the region’s top rug cleaners, so you really are onto a winner choosing us. Call today for a free quote.

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