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Rug cleaning Tooting

The daily onslaught of feet walking over rugs is, inevitably, going to affect how they look as time goes by. Add in a few spills and stains to the mix, and it's easy to see how a brand new rug won't stay looking that way for too long. Yet, with regular help from our rug cleaning Tooting experts, we can help your rugs retain that like-new freshness that attracted you to them in the first place, keeping daily dirt and grime at bay.

What we provide.

Carpet Bright UK is a family business that was set up to be better than the average rug cleaners in Tooting. By going above and beyond when we clean rugs, we've earned a huge number of loyal supporters along the way, spreading the message about our services through word of mouth.

From our humble beginnings as a local company, we now serve discerning rug owners throughout London and the South East, and have even earned ourselves the prestigious title as the region's number one rug cleaners.

What makes us a cut above the rest is the fact that we always strive to stay ahead of the game, using the latest cleaning technology, keeping our skills updated and putting into motion a proven cleaning plan that is made up of 10 methodical stages.

Our rug cleaning Tooting technicians are a real asset to our team, and have been carefully selected and vetted for their hands-on, can-do approach to cleaning, which means that every rug will be restored to its highest potential.

Detox for all rugs.

Because rugs can come under attack from so many different things, including ugly stains and damp patches, stale odours, a dusty appearance, dry soil and mud smears, as well as infestations of unhealthy allergens like dust mites, viruses and germs, this means that rugs need to receive a thorough top-to-bottom detox to make sure all of these substances are eliminated.

To enable this to happen, we clean using industrial strength, high-performance steam cleaning machines, which stop at nothing to make sure a rug gets the rigorous pampering it demands.

By applying heat and suction, rugs are cleaned using steam and hot water, whereby dirt is loosened, dissolved and neutralised, and rugs are thoroughly sanitised so they look more appealing, smell fresh and are reassuringly hygienically clean.

Cleaning tailored to your rugs.

As part of our award-winning rug cleaning Tooting services, we provide customised cleaning that's personalised for every rug. So by inspecting a rug before we clean it and testing its pH levels and dyes, this gives us vital clues to understand more about a rug's individual cleaning requirements.

Each rug only gets the cleaning treatments that it needs, so you don't need to worry about us wasting your time or money on treatments that are surplus to a rug's requirements.

This means that every rug can be cleaned in the most appropriate and effective way, using solutions that are reliably safe for all rugs, no matter how delicate or sensitive their fabrics, dyes or other features.

We are qualified and insured to clean all rug types and styles, from the everyday, practical rugs to the plush, exotic styles and everything else in-between. No matter how valuable or sentimental a rug is to you, it will be given the utmost care and attention by our dedicated rug cleaning Tooting experts.

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Get in touch whether you need an urgent or non-urgent appointment, and our friendly team will do our best to accommodate your needs. We provide on-site and off-site cleaning, free rug collection and delivery, as well as competitive prices, so are a winning choice for all rug owners.

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