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Rug cleaning West Wimbledon

Our rug cleaning West Wimbledon services come highly recommended by homes and businesses throughout the South East, with rug owners even voting us as the top rug cleaning company in the region. So, when you demand the best for your rugs, look no further than Carpet Bright UK.

What styles of rugs can we clean?

Rugs come in different shapes and sizes, as well as various styles, designs, colours and materials, so you might well wonder if we're in the position to be able to clean your own, unique rugs.

The good news is that our highly experienced and fully trained rug cleaning West Wimbledon technicians are able to clean all kinds of rugs, from the modern, popular styles, to the less usual, traditional or antique varieties. We also have vast experience cleaning rug designs like Persian, Indian, Native American or Chinese types, and rugs with fringing, so whatever features your own rugs have, they'll be in safe hands at our rug cleaners in West Wimbledon.

Because each rug differs from the next one, we always take each rug's individual needs into consideration before we set about cleaning it. Testing its dyes and pH levels, and inspecting a rug, gives us vital information about each rug that enables us to carry out effective, targeted and appropriate cleaning that's also reassuringly safe.

Where do we clean your rugs?

Whether you need one or several rugs cleaned, we know how important convenience is for customers, so that's why we provide you with the choice of cleaning rugs in-situ, at your premises, or we'll arrange to collect them and clean them at our site. Once rugs have been carefully and methodically cleaned, inspected and packaged, we'll then return them to you, providing this service free of charge!

For your peace of mind, our rug cleaning experts are fully insured and certified.

How are rugs cleaned?

At our rug cleaning West Wimbledon business, we're really proud of our cleaning programme, which we've carefully devised to ensure we can deliver the best results possible. Even rugs that have seen better days and have suffered from high traffic, can be revived to a much cleaner, fresher and brighter condition, thanks to our rigorous cleaning plan that is made up of 10 stages.

To preserve our highly respected reputation in the industry, we strive to invest in the latest cleaning equipment, using high-powered steam cleaning machines that give rugs the thorough detox they deserve.

What makes steam cleaning such an efficient process is that it uses natural methods of hot water extraction. By plumping for the best machines on the market, this also means that we can provide a rigorous top-to-bottom clean for rugs, eliminating all the substances that affect how a rug looks, smells and how hygienic it might be.

In particular, we clean rugs so that invisible, microscopic substances aren't living inside fibres without you knowing about it. Dust mites, germs, mould spores, viruses and bacteria can all invade a rug, multiplying and causing rugs to become unhygienic, while potentially causing harm to your health. Walking over a rug frequently can also release these particles back into the atmosphere, lowering the quality of the air in your home or business. With this in mind, if you value your health, the longevity of your rugs and want to create a clean and hygienic environment, regular professional rug cleaning is the answer.

Is our cleaning safe?

Whether your rugs are heavily soiled with stains, odours, pet accidents or more, it's reassuring to know that our rug cleaning West Wimbledon team only uses safe, non-toxic cleaning that's kind and caring to rugs, and those that use them.

We'd love to freshen-up your rugs, so call now for a free quote.

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