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Rug cleaning Pimlico

As a family-run rug cleaning Pimlico business that has enjoyed significant growth over the years, we're now really proud to have been crowned as the top rug cleaning business in the South East. So, why not get in touch with Carpet Bright UK if you want the best rug cleaning services around?

What makes us so special?

We're different from the rest as we provide outstanding cleaning, always paying attention to detail with every rug that needs restoring.

At our rug cleaners in Pimlico we also invest in the latest cleaning equipment and make sure our team of staff has the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Moreover, as well as putting rugs first, we always put our customers first. So, offering great convenience, professional, friendly services, and value for money are all inherent features of our award-winning business.

Can we clean all rugs?

One of the first things many customers ask us is if we're able to clean their own specific style, color, type, or size of rug. This is especially the case if you own a valuable, antique rug or one of specific origin, such as a Persian or Indian style.

The answer is always a resounding yes - we are able to clean all rugs, whatever their individual features or properties. In fact, our rug cleaning Pimlico professionals have cleaned over 9,000 rugs to date, so there are very few rugs we haven't yet had the pleasure of cleaning.

We cater for cleaning domestic and commercial rugs and are especially favored by landlords seeking reliable end-of-tenancy rug cleaning services.

Are we insured?

You can have complete peace of mind that we're fully insured at our rug cleaners in Pimlico, and we're equipped to clean rugs both on-site and off-site, for your convenience.

Our free rug collection and delivery policy is especially appealing for those who choose off-site cleaning at our facilities.

How do we clean rugs?

We treat each rug individually rather than cleaning all rugs in exactly the same way. This makes sense, after all, no two rugs are precisely the same.

We inspect and test a rug's colors and pH levels prior to cleaning, and adapt our 10-stage cleaning plan to fit in with the requirements of each rug.

As a leader in our field, we always use the best cleaning technology on the market, so our cleaning is consistently reliable and of a very high standard. We're especially proud of the steam cleaning units used by our dedicated team, as these are efficient at extracting maximum levels of dirt and moisture from a rug.

Whether you have a rug that no longer looks like it did when you first bought it, perhaps because daily wear and tear has given it a dull complexion or maybe it has become stained, you can trust our cleaning machines to make a world of difference to it.

During our cleaning processes, we'll also restore a rug's clean and fresh fragrance, so that stale odours are no longer a feature.

You can also relax knowing that our highly dependable deep cleaning processes work tirelessly to remove invisible particles in rugs, such as dust mites, germs or mould, which might be detrimental to your health if they aren’t removed.

Our rug cleaning Pimlico team only uses natural, safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions, so all rugs are protected and preserved, from start to finish.

Why not benefit from our same-day rug cleaning services and see just what a big difference we can make to how your rugs look? No job is too small for our helpful team, so however many rugs need a professional makeover, don't hesitate to get in touch for a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my rug be cleaned at my property?

Yes, we recommend to clean all synthetic rugs at your property.

Q: How is my rug returned?

Once your rug has been signed off by our QA manager, we wrap the rug in a clear Polythene bag.

Q: Do you clean Oriental rugs?

Yes, oriental rugs need extra care when they’re cleaned. We recommend cleaning your rugs at our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility to achieve optimum results.

Q: Can my rug be collected, cleaned and returned?

Yes, we have a state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility. Our lead time always depends on how soiled a rug is but most rugs are collected, cleaned and returned within 2 weeks.

Q: If I clean my rug at home, how long will it take to dry?

On average it only takes around 4-6 hours for your rug to completely dry. Our drying time is not guaranteed as it can be affected by humidity, temperature and airflow to the rug.

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