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Upholstery Cleaning in Banstead

When your settee and chairs no longer look like they did when you first got them, give our upholstery cleaning Banstead experts at Carpet Bright UK a call before considering getting them replaced. Time and again, we’ve seen that all a dirty sofa or a stained armchair requires is a professional clean up by our trained staff, avoiding the need for you to spend new money on buying new furnishings.

What our services include

We offer our customers the complete cleaning services for their upholstery, whether you have a single chair at home that needs pet hairs and pet stains removed, or you have a number of workplace or office sofas in Banstead or the surrounding SM7 area that look grubby and grimy.

Our professional cleaning experts are fully trained to deal with all types of dirt and stains affecting all upholstery materials and fabrics. We provide a tailored cleaning service, which means that we adapt our cleaning methods and treatments to suit the needs of each item of upholstery and the fabrics that it has been constructed from. This ensures that our cleaning is safe for a particular type of fabric, and that we can deliver targeted, precise cleaning for the most effective, reliable results.

Importantly, we believe that our customers should be able to access affordable upholstery cleaning in Banstead, so we’ll never charge you for any cleaning that we don’t believe your furnishings need.

Keeping fabrics in good condition

Getting your upholstery cleaned frequently not only helps to elevate its appearance, but it can assist in keeping fabrics in a really good condition. At our fully insured upholstery cleaners in Banstead, we use effective cleaning processes and top-of-the-range equipment which works to eliminate dirt particles from fabrics that can be damaging to them if they aren’t removed. Abrasive, rough, dry soil, grit and other particles can tear delicate fabric strands, potentially causing upholstery materials to become threadbare, so if you want to prolong the life of your furnishings, regular visits from our skilled master cleaning technicians can pave the way for this to happen.

Effective deep cleaning

We can upgrade the appearance and condition of your upholstery using powerful vacuum cleaners, as well as modern deep cleaning equipment. We use the latest, market-leading machines that remove ingrained dirt and debris from fabrics by using high-pressure steam cleaning processes. The beauty of the machines we operate with is that they don’t use large volumes of water when cleaning, yet still achieve excellent, clean, fresh results which can culminate in around 98% of the muck in upholstery being removed.

Using less water during the cleaning process is also beneficial from an environmental point of view, and because your upholstery is never saturated with water, it doesn’t require many hours for it to fully dry.

Our steam cleaning machines use natural cleaning processes that won’t harm delicate fabrics or deposit any sticky residues in materials. Plus, with no toxic chemicals used when we clean, our upholstery cleaning Banstead technicians provide reassuring safe cleaning solutions that won’t cause unpleasant side-effects for people or pets.

Long-lasting results

When you use our upholstery cleaning Banstead services, your settees, chairs and other soft furnishing items can enjoy a renewed and refreshed appearance that’s long-lasting. Your upholstery will smell clean and naturally fragrant, and we’ll renew its hygienic condition by sanitising it, so you don’t need to worry about unwelcome upholstery residents like germs, dust mites or bacteria.

You can also benefit from convenient appointment times suited to your needs, ensuring our cleaning is provided at a time and date that works best for you. Want a free quote? Call now for further details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I clean my upholstery?

Most furniture manufacturers recommend to professionally clean your upholstery every 6-12 months.

Q: The label on my upholstery recommends dry cleaning, can you still clean it?

Yes, we can clean your furniture even if the label states “dry clean only”. Our technicians always test the fabric to determine the safest and most effective cleaning method.

Q: How long will it take for my upholstery to dry?

Typically it only takes around 4-6 hours for the upholstery to completely dry. Our drying time is not guaranteed as it can be affected by humidity, temperature and airflow to the upholstery.

Q: How does Carpet Bright UK clean upholstery?

We use industrial steam cleaning machines to clean up to 110 degrees. Our unique cleaning process is proven to be the deepest and most thorough way of cleaning upholstery. Most reputable upholstery manufacturers recommend our process.

Q: What type of upholstery do you clean?

We can clean all soft furnishings including sofas, footstools, bed frames, dining room chairs and much more. If you’re unsure whether we can clean your upholstery, please feel free to call our customer care team for further information.

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