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Carpet Cleaning Old Harlow, CM17

Your carpets are never going to create a positive impression if they look flat and lacklustre, have stains or embarrassing odours. So if pleasing others with how your space looks is important, getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is key. Who to choose? For consistently dependable results and guaranteed eye-pleasing outcomes, our carpet cleaning Old Harlow company comes highly recommended. Even better, it’s not just carpets that we clean at Carpet Bright UK, but also rugs, upholstery, mattresses and curtains.

Qualified and experienced

It goes without saying that, when your carpets need some TLC, you won’t just want anybody cleaning them. When you choose our carpet cleaners in Old Harlow, we certainly stand out from the crowd. Our cleaning technicians are fully trained and qualified experts with extensive skills and experience, and with over 20,000 five star reviews, customers certainly rate our cleaning services very highly.

Where we clean

At our fully insured carpet cleaning Old Harlow business, it’s our job to restore carpets to their former glory wherever they’re situated in the CM17 postcode area of Essex. If you’ve got carpets in a private dwelling that have suffered from pets and kids coming and going, we can remove all traces of ingrained dirt and daily wear and tear. Equally, if you’ve got carpets in a public-used space such as a shop, restaurant or other commercial premises, we’ll clean them so they take pride of place, looking their best for everyone who sees them.

Landlords in Essex also turn to our carpet cleaning company in Old Harlow when they require trustworthy, end-of-tenancy carpet cleaning services. Thanks to our meticulous cleaning processes involving 10 stages, we do a great job of wiping away all traces of previous occupants from carpets, so they look appealing, clean and fresh for all new coming tenants.

What we clean

Whether you’ve got small, large, colourful, plain, long pile or short pile carpets, our carpet cleaning Old Harlow experts are geared up and equipped to clean them all. We safely clean all different carpet fabrics, using cleaning methods and products that are suitable and effective at creating the most effective results. Because one carpet can differ from the next, we always carry out a pre-cleaning carpet inspection, with the information we gain forming the basis of tailored cleaning treatments for each carpet.

Whatever type of carpet you need us to clean, we only use cleaning solutions that are carpet-safe as well as human- and pet-friendly. Plus, our carpet cleaning Old Harlow technicians are trained to use eco-friendly cleaning methods, so we’re also good news for the planet.

We clean carpets of all levels and types of soiling, from those that just need a quick tidy up to boost their appearance to those that need extensive treatments to tackle dirt and heavy soiling.

As part of our stringent cleaning, we’ll also stamp out any lingering odours prevailing in your carpets, using effective deodorising solutions that don’t just mask the smell but actually get rid of the original root cause.

For stains of all different types, our stain removal treatments work wonders, even on stubborn carpet marks. With our dependable stain protection treatments, we can also help to keep stains away from your carpets post-cleaning.

Allergy sufferers can also rejoice once we’ve cleaned your carpets, as we remove dust mite allergens and other health-harming particles.

Our high-tech cleaning equipment

We use the latest, market-leading hot water extraction machines which are five times more powerful at cleaning carpets compared to others. Removing a whopping 98% of carpet dirt, our machines transform your carpets to instantly look cleaner, fresher and brighter.

Cleaning and drying of your carpets takes just a few short hours, so why not book with Carpet Bright UK today?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Room temperature, humidity and airflow to a carpet influence how long it takes for a carpet to dry. But, generally speaking, most carpets we clean are fully dry in 2-3 hours. Once dry, you can have immediate access to your carpets again.

Q. Do you move furniture?

Certainly. Having lots of furniture in a room can make it harder to fully clean a carpet, so we move furniture as part of our service, at no extra cost. Our technicians are highly experienced professionals and will always move and replace items carefully. We recommend you move smaller accessories yourself off furniture before we arrive.

Q. Are you a local business?

We certainly are. We visit all customers in Old Harlow and operate locally, employing local staff and providing tailored carpet and upholstery cleaning that residents can trust.

Q. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

Each carpet takes approximately 20 minutes for us to clean, but room size and level and type of carpet soiling can influence this. How much furniture needs moving off the carpet can also impact the length of time it takes us to clean.

Q. What cleaning method do you use?

We use a powerful cleaning method that is reliable at removing even the toughest of stains and ingrained dirt and debris in a carpet. Consisting of five individual stages, we inspect a carpet first, vacuum it to loosen dry soil, pre-treat it with a stain remover, deep clean it with an industrial strength steam cleaning machine and quickly return a carpet to a fresh, dry condition again. We clean with market-leading machines, which work deep into a carpet, eliminating widespread dirt, odours, dust mites, pet soiling, stains, bacteria, germs, etc.

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