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Rug cleaning Crockham Hill

At Carpet Bright UK, we only use premium quality, industry-approved cleaning products and safe, eco-friendly equipment to clean your rugs. Our rug cleaning Crockham Hill team of experts can clean all rugs, whatever condition they’re in and whatever they look like, so get in touch to organise a convenient appointment time.

We can clean your rugs in-situ, at your Crockham Hill domestic or commercial property. Alternatively, rugs can be taken to our off-site specialist centre for cleaning, ensuring we offer our customers excellent flexibility when choosing us to clean your rugs.

Experts at stain removal

Rugs can easily become stained, whether from food and drink spillages, mucky pet paws or other accidents. If stains aren’t taken care of immediately, they can set into the rug, damaging it, so it’s good to know that we can be of rapid assistance when rug stains occur.

Our fully insured rug cleaning Crockham Hill technicians are experts at removing all sorts of spillages and stains from rug fibres, whatever the source. We use our many years of experience and knowledge to assess how to safely and correctly remove a particular type of stain from a rug, taking into account the fabrics of a rug and any other relevant aspects that ensure we can deliver stain removal that’s safe and effective.

Removing allergens from rugs

Many rug cleaning companies only take away dirt from rugs at surface-level, so without you realising it, a lot of dirt can be left behind in a rug. In particular, allergens like dust mites, bacteria and germs can be hidden deep in the rug pile, left behind even after your rugs have been so-called professionally cleaned.

This doesn’t happen at our rug cleaning in Crockham Hill. That’s because we don’t just remove surface-level dirt from a rug, but also debris, allergens and pathogens from the bottom of the rug, ensuring we deliver an all-over, professional, deep-down clean.

You can be confident that your rugs will be returned as clean as possible, with no harmful substances remaining that could impact your health, or the health of your rugs.

Fresher-smelling rugs

As well as deep cleaning and sanitising your rugs, we’ll deodorise them. This involves us removing the source of any stale smells in your rugs, so they can’t return, as opposed to just masking the bad smell with a fragrance that doesn’t provide a permanent solution.

Our rug cleaning Crockham Hill experts use effective steam cleaning systems that operate at a high temperature, killing off odour-causing substances.

We also use a hand-cleaning method at our off-site facilities for rugs that can’t be steam cleaned, washing them fully in a special cleaning pit.

Abrasive dirt removed

When rugs are walked on, we may deposit small particles of grit and dry soil from our footwear, which can become tangled deep down in rug fibres. These small particles can be sharp and rough, and may interact with the soft strands in a rug, potentially damaging them. Over time, a rug could become threadbare.

Fortunately, our fully insured rug cleaners in Crockham Hill can prevent this from happening. Before we steam clean or immersion wash a rug, we remove this dry dirt. For rugs that are steam cleaned at your property, we’ll use an industrial vacuum cleaner. Rugs that need hand-cleaning will have dry dirt eliminated with the aid of a rug duster, which we use to gently beat out the abrasive grit from the rug.

With regular cleaning at Carpet Bright UK, we can keep each individual fibre of your rug in perfect condition, adding years to the life of your rugs.

For all of the booking details you need, speak to our friendly customer care team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my rug be cleaned at my property?

Yes, we recommend to clean all synthetic rugs at your property.

Q: How is my rug returned?

Once your rug has been signed off by our QA manager, we wrap the rug in a clear Polythene bag.

Q: Do you clean Oriental rugs?

Yes, oriental rugs need extra care when they’re cleaned. We recommend cleaning your rugs at our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility to achieve optimum results.

Q: Can my rug be collected, cleaned and returned?

Yes, we have a state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility. Our lead time always depends on how soiled a rug is but most rugs are collected, cleaned and returned within 2 weeks.

Q: If I clean my rug at home, how long will it take to dry?

On average it only takes around 4-6 hours for your rug to completely dry. Our drying time is not guaranteed as it can be affected by humidity, temperature and airflow to the rug.

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