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Carpet cleaning Staplehurst

Whether your carpets have acquired unwanted stains or no longer exude their vibrant colours from excessive daily use, you can count on our professional carpet cleaning Staplehurst technicians to tackle all the many issues that can affect your carpets.

Our mission

Carpet Bright UK is in business to give carpets a complete makeover, transforming them so that their looks and hygiene levels are considerably upgraded, with years taken off their lives.

Even if your carpets have seen better days and are well-worn and old, it’s our mission to give them a new lease of life, so they are restored to their optimum best, clean and fresh potential.

Our carpet cleaning Staplehurst team visits domestic and commercial premises in the area to work our magic on all carpets. So, whether your hallway carpet at home is marked by heavy footfall from a busy family life, or whether your office reception carpet at work is caked in muddy footprints, we work in all locations to tackle all the needs of every individual carpet.

Our cleaning services

Having had vast experience of cleaning carpets – we’ve been cleaning carpets since 1995 at our family business - we know only too well that carpets have to endure a lot on a daily basis, especially those that get used frequently. From things getting accidentally dropped or spilled onto a carpet, to bits getting walked into them, our fully trained technicians are able to remove all of these substances and more.

At our independent, fully insured carpet cleaners in Staplehurst, we also clean carpets so that airborne particles that settle into carpets, like germs and bacteria, are whisked away. Dust mites are also another common carpet inhabitant that can even trigger allergy symptoms, so to safeguard the health of all that use your carpets, we highly recommend you get your carpets professionally cleaned by our team at least once or twice per year.

Removing carpet odours

Over time, it's not just how a carpet looks that can be impacted from heavy use; carpets can start to smell unappealing, too. In particular, those carpets where pets roam around, or are located in poorly ventilated spaces, may be prone to stale or musty odours from time to time. Thankfully, our highly skilled carpet cleaning technicians are on standby to banish bad smells from carpets, deodorising your flooring so it exudes a much more appealing aroma.

We remove the cause of the bad smell, whereas some shop-bought deodorisers or solutions used by other cleaning companies only cover the smell up with a fragrance, which will quickly wear off to reveal the bad odour again.

Fast and effective cleaning

We know that many carpet owners need frequent access to their carpeted spaces, so we aim to keep the cleaning processes as short and sweet as possible, while still maintaining our very high standards of cleaning care. By opting for superior grade cleaning technology, this enables us to clean swiftly and efficiently, achieving our goals.

Carpets are cleaned using eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions, for your peace of mind. So, when you demand caring and affordable deep cleaning for your carpets, it's good to know that our carpet cleaning Staplehurst professionals are on hand six days per week to come to your rescue.

We provide convenient appointments for all domestic and commercial customers, and our resources can be scaled to match the requirements of each job. We can also offer same-day appointments if your carpets need cleaning at the last-minute, or because of accidental spillages, for example.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

It depends. Factors such as humidity, carpet airflow and room temperature can impact drying times. However, in most cases, carpets are fully dry in only 2-3 hours, thanks to us using modern, industrial strength cleaning machines.

Q. Do you move furniture?

Our carpet cleaners in Staplehurst will happily move any furniture, without charge. This will give us full access to your carpets, so we can clean under furniture. To protect your carpets post-cleaning, we can add special pads under furniture feet. If you have any items in, or on top of, furniture, such as books or plants, we advise you move these before we arrive.

Q. Are you a local business?

We are, indeed. Based in Staplehurst, our family-run carpet cleaners provides professional, personalised carpet and upholstery cleaning for local homes and businesses.

Q. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

We use powerful cleaning equipment, so we can clean a single carpet in just 20 minutes. This isn’t guaranteed, however, as the level and type of soilage, room size and amount of furniture we need to move all affect timescales.

Q. What cleaning method do you use?

We use a natural, non-toxic, carpet-safe cleaning process that involves five stages. Our carpet cleaning Staplehurst business only uses the latest, most reliable HEPA vacuum cleaning machines and steam cleaning machines, for the freshest, longest-lasting results. Before deep cleaning a carpet, we inspect it, remove dry soil and treat a carpet to remove stains. Our powerful cleaning machines can get rid of tough, ingrained dirt, odours, allergens and even stubborn carpet marks.

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