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Rug cleaning Bekesbourne

Has it been a while since your rugs were last cleaned by a professional rug cleaning Bekesbourne company? If it’s been more than a year, then it’s a good idea to give our experts a call.

The importance of getting your rugs cleaned

Experts recommend that once per year you should get your rugs professionally cleaned. This may even extend to twice per year if they’re really dirty and located in high-traffic areas.

Professionals remove much more dirt from a rug than you could achieve yourself, or if you hired a machine, and at our rug cleaners in Bekesbourne, in particular, we can achieve really impressive results when we deep clean your rugs.

Extending the life of your rugs

One of the key reasons to get your rugs professionally cleaned, and to use our award-winning rug cleaning services, is because we provide rugs with a top-to-bottom deep clean. We use powerful cleaning technology that extracts much more dirt from a rug compared to traditional cleaning systems. We can eradicate hidden dirt trapped deep inside a rug that’s hard to dislodge, but by successfully achieving this, we not only produce winning results when it comes to restoring the appearance of a rug, but we can vastly improve its condition.

With regular assistance from our rug cleaning Bekesbourne experts, we can add years to the life of your rugs. We remove dirt and particles from a rug that can damage fabrics over time, leading them to fall out if they become badly worn through repeated contact with abrasive dirt.

A healthier environment

A rug might seem harmless enough, but with airborne particles getting trapped in rug fibres, and rugs acting like a magnet for attracting other dirt, they’re not as innocent as they first appear.

The build-up of dirt and particles in a rug can turn it from being an asset to your space, to a harmful, unhealthy liability. Germs, bacteria, pollen, dander and dust mites are just some of the substances that can accumulate in an unclean rug over time, putting your health at risk.

When we deep clean your rugs, we destroy any harmful health irritants or allergens present in your rugs, so you can have peace of mind every time you use your rugs, that they’re not doing you any harm.

Enhancing your space

An unclean rug won’t do you any favours, and it could even be harmful to your image or reputation if others see it, such as if you’re a business owner.

Even if a rug looks clean, it can be hard to ignore stale or musty odours in a rug, so it’s not just how a rug looks that you need to worry about, but how it smells.

At our highly recommended rug cleaning in Bekesbourne, we take care to enhance the visual appearance of your rugs, whilst simultaneously deodorising rugs to wipe out any nasty odours.

Our cleaning processes

We provide your rugs with a multi-step cleaning process that always begins and ends with an inspection. We inspect a rug before cleaning it, to get to know it better, so we can decide which would be the most suitable cleaning method to use. Our post-cleaning inspection focuses on making sure that all of the dirt has been removed from the rug, and the cleaning results we’ve provided meet our high expectations.

Our rug cleaning Bekesbourne services include manual-washing and machine-based cleaning for your rugs, dependent on each design of rug or material type. We offer on-site and off-site cleaning options, with all rugs cleaned safely, naturally and with no toxins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my rug be cleaned at my property?

Yes, we recommend to clean all synthetic rugs at your property.

Q: How is my rug returned?

Once your rug has been signed off by our QA manager, we wrap the rug in a clear Polythene bag.

Q: Do you clean Oriental rugs?

Yes, oriental rugs need extra care when they’re cleaned. We recommend cleaning your rugs at our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility to achieve optimum results.

Q: Can my rug be collected, cleaned and returned?

Yes, we have a state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility. Our lead time always depends on how soiled a rug is but most rugs are collected, cleaned and returned within 2 weeks.

Q: If I clean my rug at home, how long will it take to dry?

On average it only takes around 4-6 hours for your rug to completely dry. Our drying time is not guaranteed as it can be affected by humidity, temperature and airflow to the rug.

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