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Carpet Cleaning Putney

Carpets are one of the most important and expensive additions to a home, but did you know they can also be one of the dirtiest? The average carpet can contain around 200,000 bacteria in just a square inch of carpet alone, and can be approximately 10 times more unhygienic than a toilet seat. Professional cleaning is the only answer to keeping your carpets in a pristine, clean and hygienic condition. At our carpet cleaning Putney business, our cleaning technicians use powerful equipment that eradicates dirt, bacteria, germs and debris from carpets, as well as stains and foul odours. Give Carpet Bright UK a call, and we’ll sort out a convenient time to visit and assess what cleaning your own carpets need.

Who are we?

Our carpet cleaners in Putney are a family-owned business that aims to provide all carpets in the local area with the best cleaning services possible. Established back in 1995, Carpet Bright UK caters for all domestic and commercial clients, and as well as cleaning carpets, we’re skilled rug, upholstery, curtain and mattress cleaners.

We are proud of our impeccable professional credentials, with all of our technicians fully trained and certified to clean all carpet fabrics. Our staff are also fully vetted and insured, and are committed to provide honest, high standards of cleaning that you can completely trust.

Over the years we’ve become recognised as the leading carpet cleaners in Putney, with increasing numbers of carpet owners choosing us whenever their carpets need refreshing. With our award-winning reputation and thousands of five star reviews to our name, it’s no wonder that we consistently get recommended.

How we work

One of the defining features of our carpet cleaning Putney services is that we always provide cleaning that’s specific to each carpet. We won’t give a carpet any kind of treatment if it’s not necessary, saving your money and time.

All carpets are given a pre-cleaning assessment, so we’ll let you know right from the beginning what you can expect from our cleaning services. We’re impartial and honest, so we won't use any sales gimmicks or tactics to push you into any treatments for your carpets if we don’t think they’re needed.

We clean using a multi-step process, which involves preparing a carpet for a deep clean, by firstly removing ingrained dry soil with a powerful HEPA vacuum cleaner, and applying a stain removal solution to tackle any carpet stains.

When it’s time to deep clean your carpets, we use technically advanced cleaning machines that steam clean with high-pressure systems. Our machines thoroughly clean, sanitise, neutralise and deodorise carpets, removing up to 98% of dirt, residues, moisture and other substances. Bacteria, germs, dust mites and any other carpet pathogens or allergens responsible for affecting your health will also be killed during the cleaning process.

Using the best cleaning technology on the markets means that we can root out deep-seated dirt and grime from a carpet, so that it can be restored to a squeaky clean condition, with results that last a long time. Because our machines are also water-efficient, we don’t soak your carpets to the skin, so they won’t be susceptible to mould formation. Importantly, our drying process is very fast, taking around 2-3 hours only.

Safe cleaning

When you choose our carpet cleaning in Putney, rest assured we only clean with safe products that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Our cleaning is also residue-free and harmless to whoever comes into contact with your carpets.

We offer affordable rates for all new and existing customers, so contact our friendly experts for all the details you need to book and a free quote.

We Guarantee.

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Our vans are fully equipped with most powerful machinery available.

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We have served over 3,724 happy carpet cleaning customers in Putney!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Usually around 2-3 hours. We use high-tech, efficient cleaning machines that promote fast carpet drying, and we also have hot air dryers that can speed up the process. Drying times are, however, influenced by carpet airflow, room humidity and temperature.

Q. Do you move furniture?

Our carpet cleaners in Putney will happily move any furniture, without charge. This will give us full access to your carpets, so we can clean under furniture. To protect your carpets post-cleaning, we can add special pads under furniture feet. If you have any items in, or on top of, furniture, such as books or plants, we advise you move these before we arrive.

Q. Are you a local business?

We are, indeed. Based in Putney, our family-run carpet cleaners provides professional, personalised carpet and upholstery cleaning for local homes and businesses.

Q. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

Usually about 20 minutes per carpet. Although how much cleaning a carpet needs, the number of furniture items that need moving and how big a room is can all impact cleaning timescales.

Q. What cleaning method do you use?

We use a natural, non-toxic, carpet-safe cleaning process that involves five stages. Our carpet cleaning Putney business only uses the latest, most reliable HEPA vacuum cleaning machines and steam cleaning machines, for the freshest, longest-lasting results. Before deep cleaning a carpet, we inspect it, remove dry soil and treat a carpet to remove stains. Our powerful cleaning machines can get rid of tough, ingrained dirt, odours, allergens and even stubborn carpet marks.

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