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Carpet Cleaning Ravenscourt Park

Carpets are one of the most popular types of flooring for homes and businesses – and it’s easy to understand why. By offering a wide range of colours, designs and textures, carpets allow us to easily find the perfect options to enhance our property. At Carpet Bright UK, it’s our job to make sure your carpets continue to provide the aesthetic attributes that attracted you to them initially. We provide in-depth carpet cleaning Ravenscourt Park services for local homes and businesses, removing the particles, pollutants and pests that may have invaded your carpets, affecting their appearance and hygienic condition over time.

What type of carpets do we clean?

There are literally hundreds of different styles of carpets available. Whichever type you own, you can rely on our carpet cleaners in Ravenscourt Park to know how to clean them. Big, small, colourful, plain, short pile or long pile – however you’d describe your carpets, you can rely on us to know how to clean every type.

Our cleaning technicians all possess a wealth of carpet cleaning knowledge and industry experience, so whether carpets are stained, have pet odours, insect infestations or allergens, you can confidently leave them in our very capable hands.

Are we just carpet cleaners?

Although cleaning carpets is what our family-run business is famous for, you can also rely on us if you have other fabric items in the home or workplace that have suffered in similar ways to your carpets. Got stained rugs, dreary-looking sofas, dusty curtains or allergen-infested mattresses? Give our friendly team of experts a call and we’ll arrange a visit to clean these items, as well.

Cleaning to match your carpets

One of the particular features of our carpet cleaning Ravenscourt Park business is our approach to cleaning that always takes each carpet into account. On arrival at your property, we’ll carry out a complete walk through of your premises, familiarising ourselves with the carpets that need cleaning. By understanding what an individual carpet’s made from and what condition it’s in, we can expertly tailor our cleaning services to match the needs of every carpet.

We’ll provide you with an honest and reliable assessment of every carpet, without ever charging you for any cleaning a carpet doesn’t need.

Our cleaning method

Once we’ve fully assessed a carpet, we provide it with an in-depth vacuum clean, using one of our commercial grade HEPA machines. The beauty of this is that we can remove much more ingrained dry soil and particles from a carpet, compared with any domestic vacuum cleaner.

Carpets will then be treated to remove stains, using a trusted stain remover that works naturally to break down the chemicals in a stain, without harming carpet fabrics or depositing sticky residues in a carpet.

To fully remove the remainder of the stain, and to get rid of other dirt and soiling in a carpet, we rely on powerful deep cleaning machines that operate using high-pressure steam cleaning systems. Working from the carpet surface to deep within the pile, a huge 98% of dirt, allergens and particles can be retrieved from a carpet with our high-performance equipment.

After a carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and deodorised, we can dry it in just 2-3 hours, so it’s fair to say that our cleaning is as highly efficient as it is fast.

Kind to carpets

Furthermore, our carpet cleaning Ravenscourt Park company is committed to only cleaning with trusted products that clean carpets naturally and safely. With no toxins, residues or environmentally harmful substances, our cleaning won't cause any side-effects for humans or pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Based on our years of experience, we aim to get carpets completely dry in circa 2-3 hours. This is a general guideline, as factors like airflow, temperature and humidity in a room can also affect how quickly a carpet dries.

Q. Do you move furniture?

Sure. Included free in the service, our technician will move furniture so we can fully clean the carpet area underneath. To make it easier for us to move furniture, it would be preferable if you could empty furniture or move ornaments and accessories off it. We’ll put your furniture back in its original place, adding protective pads underneath, if required.

Q. Are you a local business?

We certainly are. We visit all customers in Ravenscourt Park and operate locally, employing local staff and providing tailored carpet and upholstery cleaning that residents can trust.

Q. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

Each carpet takes approximately 20 minutes for us to clean, but room size and level and type of carpet soiling can influence this. How much furniture needs moving off the carpet can also impact the length of time it takes us to clean.

Q. What cleaning method do you use?

Over the years, our carpet cleaners in Ravenscourt Park have fine-tuned the cleaning process to enable us to deliver the most reliable, long-lasting outcomes. Our five-step method begins with a carpet inspection, followed by a rigorous vacuum clean using a powerful HEPA cleaner that removes ingrained dry soil. We’ll then tackle any stains using an effective stain remover. Our technician then steam cleans a carpet with an industrial strength machine that thoroughly cleans, sanitises, neutralises and deodorises carpets before we get them dry again.

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