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Rug cleaning Kennington

Whilst you might have spent a lot of time and effort sourcing the perfect rug for your space, once it has found its rightful place in a room, it will probably be left to do its job, without much attention to it. Yet, over time, rugs can pick up bacteria, dirt, dust and other particles, invading its fabrics so that it may become discoloured, smelly and even harmful to your health. Give your rugs the attention they need, with regular cleaning from our rug cleaning Kennington experts.

At Carpet Bright UK, we're in business to restore unclean rugs to spotlessly clean and hygienic ones, so leave all of the hard work to us. The only thing you need to do is contact our friendly rug cleaners in Kennington, and choose a convenient time for us to clean your rugs, either at your premises, or at ours.

All rugs cleaned

What makes our rug cleaning Kennington business such a popular choice is that we're fully qualified in all aspects of rug cleaning, so whatever issues have affected your rugs, whether they're stained, infested with dust mites, smelly or full of pet hairs, we're in prime position to sort them all out.

In excess of 9,000 rugs have been cleaned by our dedicated and caring rug cleaning experts over the years, so we certainly have plenty of experience in our craft. This should give you the confidence you might be looking for to find local rug cleaners who can replenish your own specific style or type of rug.

We clean all rugs, from modern, popular types to traditional, antique varieties, and everything else in-between. We're also a specialist rug cleaning Kennington company that is geared up to give a new lease of life to exotic rug styles, such as Persian, Indian, Chinese or Native American kinds.

Tried-and-trusted cleaning

We're proud of our reputation as the number one rug cleaners in the South East, and it's our dedication to providing the highest levels of quality cleaning and attention to detail that have earned us this coveted title.

How do we produce such enviable cleaning outcomes? We use a proven method for cleaning rugs that is made up of 10 rigorous and dependable stages. Each step builds upon the next to restore rugs, so they are parted from the dirt and debris that may have undermined their appearance.

In particular, the real stars of the show are our trusty steam cleaning machines. We use the most up-to-date models that boast industrial strength attributes, ensuring cleaning is fast, dependable and highly efficient.

Crucially, all stages of our cleaning are safe and caring, so you don't need to worry about your rugs coming into contact with any strong chemicals that might potentially harm rugs, or those exposed to them post-cleaning.

Specialised care for every rug

All rugs differ. Even the same brand and style of rug won't look identical as another, as each rug can become unclean to various degrees. Because of this wide variation in rugs, this demands that we clean every rug to meet its unique situation and specification.

To understand the cleaning requirements of every rug, we always inspect it first off, familiarising ourselves with its properties and features. We'll also test a rug's dyes and pH levels, so that cleaning can be carried out safely and in accordance with its colour and fabric types.

So, if you own a specialised type of rug, one with delicate materials, sensitive dyes or even fringe detailing, rest assured every feature and facet of a rug will be taken care of during cleaning.

Affordable services

When you choose our rug cleaning Kennington services, you'll also benefit from affordable prices, as well as free rug delivery and collection for off-site cleaning, making us a great choice if you need more than one rug cleaning. Why not call for a free quote today?

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