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Rug cleaning Upper Norwood

Carpet Bright UK provides affordable, high-quality rug cleaning Norwood services, so if your rugs no longer look like they did when you first bought them, get in touch with our professional team to provide your rugs with the makeover they require.

What makes us so special?

Our rug cleaners in Norwood are different from other rug cleaning companies you could choose because we raise the bar with regards to quality cleaning standards. By going the extra mile when we clean rugs, and providing helpful, professional, friendly services that customers can rely on, we have earned a huge, loyal following. In fact, customers have even named us as the best rug cleaners in the region, so our reputation for cleaning rugs is second to none.

How do we clean your rugs?

At our rug cleaning Upper Norwood company, we personalise our cleaning to suit each rug, taking its own needs into account, such as what kind of materials it's made from. By inspecting a rug before we clean it, this means we can get to know what these needs are, and by testing its dyes and pH levels, this enables us to carry out safe cleaning, where a rug's colours will remain stable.

We bring life back to jaded rugs, improving their appearance and hygienic condition, by using a foolproof, 10-stage cleaning programme that is designed to bring out the best in every rug, using robust processes


Our fully trained rug cleaning technicians use top-of-the-range equipment to clean with, which relies on hot steam and pressure to extract dirt and debris from all areas of a rug.

As well as shifting dirt from a rug's surface, our machines work to clean the very core of a rug, removing all those tiny particles of dirt and substances that may have been trodden down into a rug over time.

Our high standards are very important to us, so once a rug has been cleaned using our trusty equipment, a rug will be finally inspected as part of our stringent quality control processes.

Can we brighten up all rugs?

Our skills and knowledge for all things related to rug cleaning are second to none, so this puts us in a fortunate position to be able to clean all different types of rugs, whatever their individual properties or features.

From cleaning contemporary styles of rugs to traditional types, as well as those with specialist designs such as Persian rugs, you can count on our fully insured rug cleaning Upper Norwood team to know just what's needed to revive each rug to impressive levels.

Are our cleaning methods safe?

Whether you have a rug that's become stained, smells unappealing, has marks left by children or pets, or could be harbouring unhealthy substances such as bacteria or dust mites, whatever methods we use to remove these, rest assured we always use safe and natural ones.

Where do we clean rugs?

Our rug cleaning experts are equipped to clean rugs in-situ at your home or workplace, or we can collect them and take them to our premises to be cleaned, returning them to you afterwards. We provide this service free of charge, for your convenience.

What do customers say?

Since our family-run rug cleaning Upper Norwood business was first established, we've received thousands of positive reviews over the years. Customers continue to use our services whenever they need their rugs cleaned, as they know that we can be relied upon to provide consistently dependable results for all rugs.

Why not see for yourself why we're such a favourite choice for local rug owners? Call for a free quote today.

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